I remember the first day,
The day I first saw you,
In that religious gathering,
I suppose you are a woman of God,
This I know am not wrong,
Your name- says it all.
To me, you are a special gift,
Full of intelligence and wise reasoning,
Always giving and helping through good and bad times,
We have disagreed on some occasions,
But we have always resolved the hiccups.

You always lend me an ear,
I hope I too lend you mine,
You listen, laugh and care,
You uplift me and make me smile,
My dear, I wanna make you smile everyday.

As Carolyne A. Davis says….
You are the one I most admire, with great intentions and loving desires,
Passion and trust and knowing that your care brings a lifetime of happiness for us to share…
So I say to the one I care for.


Am yearning for one special day…
To surprise you… not the usual surprises…
As you read this, am waiting in the cold…
With open arms, so that when this day comes…
You will run and plunge unto them.

A significant period has passed…
Is the distance we have covered enough?
What are we to become?
Is something in the making?
Is “Best Friends” enough?

We started as strangers…
We are good friends…
Quench my thirst…
And let it be a YES when the day comes.

 You are special to me!!!

‘Dedication to a special lady in my life.’


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