You Are All I Want.

My sweet lady whom I Love,
For whom I entrust my heart with,
My love for you grows everyday,
Simple and deep affection,
Is the Kind of love I have for you.


From the time I met you,
From the day you called my name,
From the moment we held hands,
From the time you called me sweetheart,
I knew you are all I wanted.

To me, Love was a myth,
But with you, Love is real,
Then, commitment was a dream,
Now, it is my responsibility,
Let us endure this journey as one.

I promise you one thing,
Only one thing- LOVE,
Love to cement us together,
Love to motivate us during hard times,
Love to celebrate during good times.


My sweet lady,
Be my all time lover,
Be my all time partner,
You are my fulcrum,
Let us do things together.

You are all I need,
Be there wheb am worn out,
Extol me when others scorn me,
Treat me as your King,
I want to adore you as my queen.

Be my soulmate,
Be my consultant,
Be my dream want in life,
In poverty, in richness,
Your Smile is all I want

I love you.
I adore you.
You are all I want.


One thought on “You Are All I Want.

  1. I really enjoyed reading your poems. Really wonderful.

    Have you published any of them in a book (say like a collection?

    If yes please let me know of the title and if not yet then I bet you should do it right away.



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