Letter To My Parent


Hello mum and dad (who were to be), I hope you are fairing on well. As for me, my body is rotting in a dump site while other body parts were eaten by the vultures.My soul is guarded by the guardian angel (I thank God for this). Mum,I am in great pain for I did not enjoy the world like other kids.
I remember you and dad meeting at that campus overnight event, your glossy and beautiful smiles colliding, you shared laughter as you exchanged phone numbers. As one half of me lay in my mother’s ovary and the other in my father’s epidermis, I prayed and wished that your meeting and what was to come after could be sweet fruits but I now realize that was all fantasy and in vain!15875501_1839893482923752_149753689396721296_o
Mum, you grew up a good girl and swore to ever uphold your morals,you asked God to guide your ways to make the right decisions. Was aborting me the right decision? That chilly morning you and dad woke up to go and kill me will forever haunt your spirit. My soul is venting red-hot anger on you two for taking my life.
In that backstreet clinic, ‘the doctor’ told you to lay your legs apart while dad was seated in a corner his heart pumping against the standard 72 heartbeats per minute (Daddy, am sure you knew it was wrong). The ‘doctor’ put on his gloves, carried all manner of crude weapons ready to terminate me from this world. Mum, I never thought you could have such a great courage to allow that money oriented ‘doctor’ to kill your lovely baby!
He mercilessly cut my arms as I tried to protect my one young life. My prayers to God did not materialize as the ’doctor’ had his way. After my arms he went for my legs… mum and dad….What if it was you?, how could you feel? That was my last breath in the only world I knew (the womb).
Dad, I hate you with passion that I can’t hide from you. You sent your roommate to exile to have some privacy with mum. He slept out in the cold. I remember that night very well. It was a Friday and the campus was full of beehive of activities. The only option for him was student center where he (your roommate) played pool with friends till dawn. If he could have caught pneumonia could have you paid his hospital bills? Oh! That is a silly question! You were even unable to raise the abortion fee, so do not lie to me that you will have paid his medical fee. By the way,have you paid your friends the debts you owe them after theycame to your rescue to kill me?

With all those protective gears all over the campus washroom (Sure Condoms) you could not use your mature brain. I know about human error, but your ‘roomy’ sent you a text to check his draw for a packet of Condoms. You read the text and ‘nkt’ was the best answer you had for your only caring and concerned roommate.
Am in pain I never had a chance to play ’cha baba, cha mama’ with other children. I was never given parental love, to be cuddled and called sweet names. Am hungry for I did not suckle, in cold since mum dumped me like used diapers and dad facilitated this unaware of the disservice you were doing to the world.
You killed the only solution that the world wanted. You are under a big curse for you eliminated the brain that was to steer the invention of  HIV/AIDS cure and totally pluck out the plague. You only thought of the short term goals and never looked beyond my birth and the uniqueness that every human life comes with. Do me a favour and tell the world “Abortion is a crime”
Yours faithfully
Aborted child.

By Nyamare Roy


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