Letter To My Parent


Hello mum and dad (who were to be), I hope you are fairing on well. As for me, my body is rotting in a dump site while other body parts were eaten by the vultures.My soul is guarded by the guardian angel (I thank God for this). Mum,I am in great pain for I did not enjoy the world like other kids.
I remember you and dad meeting at that campus overnight event, your glossy and beautiful smiles colliding, you shared laughter as you exchanged phone numbers. As one half of me lay in my mother’s ovary and the other in my father’s epidermis, I prayed and wished that your meeting and what was to come after could be sweet fruits but I now realize that was all fantasy and in vain!15875501_1839893482923752_149753689396721296_o
Mum, you grew up a good girl and swore to ever uphold your morals,you asked God to guide your ways to make the right decisions. Was aborting me the right decision? That chilly morning you and dad woke up to go and kill me will forever haunt your spirit. My soul is venting red-hot anger on you two for taking my life.
In that backstreet clinic, ‘the doctor’ told you to lay your legs apart while dad was seated in a corner his heart pumping against the standard 72 heartbeats per minute (Daddy, am sure you knew it was wrong). The ‘doctor’ put on his gloves, carried all manner of crude weapons ready to terminate me from this world. Mum, I never thought you could have such a great courage to allow that money oriented ‘doctor’ to kill your lovely baby!
He mercilessly cut my arms as I tried to protect my one young life. My prayers to God did not materialize as the ’doctor’ had his way. After my arms he went for my legs… mum and dad….What if it was you?, how could you feel? That was my last breath in the only world I knew (the womb).
Dad, I hate you with passion that I can’t hide from you. You sent your roommate to exile to have some privacy with mum. He slept out in the cold. I remember that night very well. It was a Friday and the campus was full of beehive of activities. The only option for him was student center where he (your roommate) played pool with friends till dawn. If he could have caught pneumonia could have you paid his hospital bills? Oh! That is a silly question! You were even unable to raise the abortion fee, so do not lie to me that you will have paid his medical fee. By the way,have you paid your friends the debts you owe them after theycame to your rescue to kill me?

With all those protective gears all over the campus washroom (Sure Condoms) you could not use your mature brain. I know about human error, but your ‘roomy’ sent you a text to check his draw for a packet of Condoms. You read the text and ‘nkt’ was the best answer you had for your only caring and concerned roommate.
Am in pain I never had a chance to play ’cha baba, cha mama’ with other children. I was never given parental love, to be cuddled and called sweet names. Am hungry for I did not suckle, in cold since mum dumped me like used diapers and dad facilitated this unaware of the disservice you were doing to the world.
You killed the only solution that the world wanted. You are under a big curse for you eliminated the brain that was to steer the invention of  HIV/AIDS cure and totally pluck out the plague. You only thought of the short term goals and never looked beyond my birth and the uniqueness that every human life comes with. Do me a favour and tell the world “Abortion is a crime”
Yours faithfully
Aborted child.

By Nyamare Roy


Gift And Befriend; The World’s Finest Cyber Philanthropic Site Is Here

Have you ever had a thought of helping the less fortunate in society and not just but helping but making long term lasting friendship with persons in far flung area? How about the ignition in you that is rousing you to offer that little gift to the destitute in society? In this 21st century, the internet has virtually become one of the most important components in life. Almost everything is being incorporated to the internet and for sure, great fruits are being realized. It is for this reason, I proudly introduce to you GiftandBefriend.

Capture 2
What About Gift and Befriend?
Gift and befriend is a virtual cybernetic philanthropic site for the disadvantaged and benefactors around the world. The two groups i.e. the need who are hereby referred to as Receivers and the donors hereby referred to as Givers.

Givers are those who can purchase gifts for the receivers from their Amazon.com Wish List and the Gift sent directly to the Receiver. On the flip side, Receivers are the needy individuals amongst ourselves with various wants that they can’t afford. When signing up, the Receives write their stories and upload pictures of them in the site for Givers to read and see before they can offer their precious Gifts.
How Do I Sign up for Gift and Befriend?
Opening an account with giftandbefriend.com is free. All you need is log onto the site and sign up in the relevant category either as a Giver or Receiver as shown in the image below

GiftandBefriend Screen Displaying The Sign up Window
GiftandBefriend Screen Displaying The Sign up Window

Anyone can register a profile as a Receiver, but Verification of their status is required before G&B will put the ‘Verified’ badge on their profile. The site is looking for new Receivers, and if you live with or know any needy member in your community, you will do us great service by referring them here and maybe helping them sign up. Help change Society by spreading the word.
What is in store for the Givers and Receivers?
You can select and send a Gift from a person in need’s Amazon Wish List directly to them, regardless of where in the world they live.
You can read about a person in need in their Blog on this site and speak to them over Skype before you send them a gift.
You can stay in contact and build a friendship with the people to whom you send a gift, if you wish.
100% of your money goes on the price of the gift. There are no admin costs, and Amazon is the only website on which you spend money. Amazon delivers the gifts directly to the recipient’s specified address, whether that is their house or a local charity office.
You can be sure that the gift you send a person in need is something that they have chosen themselves, not something someone else has chosen for them.
You can select from a wide range of people in need, from a wide range of countries.
You can send a gift voucher instead of a physical gift if you prefer, which means the recipient will receive your gift instantly.

GiftandBefriend Proudly sponsors this Blog Post.


For You Forever Meant Never!

Nyash Taller

Am one hurt man, a man betrayed by a lady,
In the same wavelength, I believed we were one,
Love,Commitment and sacrifice is what I pledged,
‘Forever you are my one n only’ Your promise it was,
What is the meaning of forever?

Did you really love me?
What is it that you saw in me and I no longer have it?
Was it love? Was it material things?
Where are you? I need the answers,
Now I suppose,Forever meant Never.


The feelings I had for you,
The sacrifices I made just to make you happy,
No single day you suffered under my arms,
I covered you during the rain,
I gave you warmth during the cold,
And the best you could do is betray me,
Betray me with your ex.


I gave you love,you gave me a smile,
A smile to lure me,use me and walk away,
You no longer in my life, the memories are intact,
The separation was painful,the insults broke my trust,
I learnt alot, You were a mistake,
For you forever meant Never.

Arim Mitchelle

You played it cool with me, you build confidence in me,
Your smile blindfolded me,
My trust n fidelity has brought me down,
Am now crippled,crippled by your lies,
My family n friends are the only warmth,
For you forever meant Never.

I wanted nothing more than you,
Nothing more than your love,
Nothing more than your trust,
Nothing more than to commit to you,
I have to accept n say BYE.


Am crushed like eggs,
My soul pains just because of you,
A viper you are,the venom is in my blood,
For you forever meant never

Bye Bye… I wish you well… I wish you good.

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Meet The World’s Most Thinnest Woman… But one of the most Bravest Ladies the world has.



United States FLORIDA – At just 5ft 2″ (1.58m) tall and weighing a little over 27 kg, Lizzie Velasquez, 24, appears worryingly thin at first glance. But her tiny frame wasn’t caused by an eating disorder. Instead, it is the result of a Health care syndrome so rare that it is shared by very few other people in the world.
Her condition means that try as she might, Lizzie, from Austin in Texas, finds it impossible to gain weight or store fat, and as a result, she’s forced to eat up to 60 small meals a day.
Despite the challenges, the courageous 24-year-old insists she wouldn’t change a thing about herself and, instead, throws herself into her work as a motivational speaker and anti-bullying campaigner.

“I would never, ever change my appearance, even if I could,” she says.

“It’s taken me so many years to accept who I am and like the person that I see in the mirror so I would never change it just to “fit in”

But despite her bravery, the condition, which is yet to be fully diagnosed and named, casts a shadow over her life, not least because most of the people who suffer from the syndrome die in childhood.

Her doctor says: “Lizzie is one of the very few people in the world to have this condition. Sufferers have very little muscle mass, their limbs look very thin, spindly, and many of these people, they die very early in life. Other children with this have had very different experiences. Lizzie is 24 right now so she has beaten these odds.”
Because of the illness, Lizzie has already lost the sight in her right eye and has limited use of the other. Nevertheless, she has refused to allow that to stop her and has penned two best-selling books, and works as a motivational speaker doing up to 200 talks a year.
“My parents raised me to be completely normal. They never told me I was different,” she narrates. “The only thing is that I was smaller than the other kids but I was just like them. As I got older, I became more aware of why people were staring at me and I started getting really angry.

“I hated the fact that none of these kids wanted to get to know me. In my mind, I’m just like them and I would never tell my parents I was being bullied so my way of coping with it is when I would take a bath and nobody was in the room with me, and that’s when I would cry.”
Once, she saw a photo of herself on the Internet with a caption ‘The Ugliest Woman In The World’.
“I felt like somebody was putting their hand through the computer screen and punching me over and over,” she says.

“There were thousands and thousands of comments. The first one said: “I just threw up over my keyboard. You’re gross.” The second, “eww, kill it with fire, now”. Others asked why my parents didn’t abort me because I’m so ugly. Can you imagine that?”

Despite the vile comments, Lizzie says she has no fear of bullies anymore and if she were to meet one in future, her response would be: ‘I won’.
For now, she’s concentrating on the future and the anti-bullying charity she hopes to set up.
she hopes to persue a PHD IN COUNSELING EDUCATION
“My dreams for the future are continuing to help others,” she explains. “I want to create an anti-bulling company. Something for kids and adults and teenagers who are struggling and so far, my dreams have come true.”



Those days… the good old days,

Am told it was a taboo, an abomination,

drinking was a reserve for wazees,

Walking to a bar or a drinking den, age was a paramount.

The bottle was meant to pass good time,

Kill boredom after work,

Some used the bottle to seal business deals,

But today, it’s all about who is a guzzler and finding solace.


Christmas… holidays left my mouth agape,

The KIDS…  I mean those who I saw grow,

Not even past post primary education,

Drinking is part of them and it’s a norm.

But what happened?

Sex and alcohol is engulfing us,

I have not heard any constructive debate,

All they care about is sex, alcohol and money.

Talk of parents, they careless,

They carry them along to the pubs,

They send them to get them more bottles,

Who is to blame?


The drinking generation we are making,

The bottle generation is the talk of the village,

Long before we realize,

We shall all be crying….. Sirkal Saidia

 The law says, it is for over 18 years,

But the generation says…. It’s for all,

The agenda is partying…

Our girls and boys are rock stars…

I drink…. I kill the hangovers with a tot,

I shower… watch movies waiting for my next bottle,

And that is the chain… that is the custom,

The bottle generation.


  By Nyamare Roy


The Youngest Nairobian Millionares… Found Out how they Made their fortunes.

Heshan De Silva
Age: 25
Job: Founder, Vencap Kenya
Cars: Toyota first, but owns others like a Range Rover and Mercedes S350.
Status: Girlfriend who is a pilot.

Home: Hurligham, Nairobi
I grew up in an average family in Nairobi. I went to Banda School, and Roselyn academy. My parents denied themselves a lot of things so that I could go to good schools. I then joined university in Miami (the US). I was the top student in class and soon, I was getting paid to do assignments for rich kids. With excess money, I began drinking. I steeped into alcoholism that I dropped out of university. One day, I decided to take my own life and swallowed pills. I woke up in a hospital, and my father came for me. It was the first time in my life I saw him cry. I came back to Kenya and attended several rehabilitation centres unsuccessfully. My father used the little money he had left and I was taken for rehab in a South African clinic. It changed my life and I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I am not ashamed to say I love Jesus and I live according to the way he taught (he has a tattoo of Jesus of a cross on the left side of his chest). Sh90 million in the first year I made my first million when I convinced an insurance company to let me sell insurance cheaply through tickets. It wasn’t even my idea, but when I looked at the projections of the business, it was going to make Sh90 million in the first year. Nowadays, I fund young people who have a business idea, and we own a small percentage of the business. I am not a billionaire, but I know when the total value of the businesses, if each was to be sold today, it would be in billions.
Vencap was founded by two New York hedge funds each at a cost of $1 billion (Sh87bn) as of today. Vencap has invested in about 24,000 business ideas from within the East Africa. We believe that Venture Capital should not take advantage of the financially insecure; that business should be done ethically, above board, and driven by an inherent desire to make a positive social impact, while being commercially successful. Lost 10 million in one day The most surprising loss was when the company lost 10 million in one day. I just went home and slept. It was a terrible feeling. I can’t quantify the highest we have ever made in a short period. I have one girlfriend, she is a pilot and we lead a simple life. Going out for pizza is heaven for us. I actually spend only Sh3,000 in a weekend. I constantly pray that through my business, I can help change people’s lives.

When Age Failed Kenyan Youths

By Nyamare Roy

‘We need young people to lead our country’ is phrase that has and is still spreading and going viral all over the country that I consider a cliche, Who said leadership is all about age? How sure are we as a nation that we can trust young minds with the task of making this country a ‘paradise’ for all? I know the so called youth, after reading this may want to ask for ‘Haki Yao’ but my standpoint is; Leadership and age are paraffin
Many have described leadership in many different ways as per the context they operate in. But from my belief, leadership is the act of being able to identify the potential in those you lead and being able to bring the best out of them. He or she should be able to engage with the people, discuss issues, be a vast think tank and far ahead in decision making pertaining critical issues

One must have the courage, the willpower, determination, no-gibberish mind to conquer the uncharted frontiers to ensure that all streets and avenues of human life are free of backwardness virus. To do all these, only a unique shaped mind will do this and how old you are. People want results out of the leadership they entrust one with, not a figure in office in the name of a leader who is totally void and a problem to those he or she leads.

I hate seeing ‘some trivial and petty minded youth’ calling media conferences and when the question of integrity, service delivery and ideologies pop up the response given is so disheartening. When will us the young people get to understand that a leader is one who should make a difference. Am not against youth leadership, but the brutal reality is; we are yet to realize the need to think and be the solution to our generation.

Old is gold! Let us learn from the so called old leaders. And you ‘old folks’ embrace the youth, moultLID,

show them the way, and create a society free of boundaries; where ideas flow freely. The likes of the late Michuki and Njenga Karume were old but contributed great to the well being of Kenya. On the same breath, Obama and Uhuru Kenyatta are among the young people who have Do not strive to ascend to the throne in the name of age; that won’t count: what we need is your ideas- how valuable are they and to what extent will they elevate the society. Corrupt minds won’t succeed, those times ‘it’s our time to eat’ are long gone. Status quo kind of character is masquerade leadership; change is what society yearns for.

Young people let us show that we are capable and that we can be trusted. Plain words have no basis, actions speak. Lack of transparency will bar you from leading. Now that we know, The society is in our hands, let us be the change that we need. Egara Kabaki says, ” leadership is not about youthfulness, it’s about vision. Vision is a product of intense reflection and high voltage thinking and is not determined by age’’ (Daily Nation, 14th March 2011)