Robert Alai you need to grow!


Here comes a grandfather who calls himself voice of the voiceless . Maybe he is voice of the voiceless of the ” Pigs ” the term that he likes to use. This grandfather of twitter is the kind of person that Kenya does not need.

Maybe you were taught about Gadgets and spitting hate and trash. The same Alai is a Kind of person many Kenyans Follow to Know how people tweet trash. I don’t hate him but I just wonder why a big man like him should spend all his ” meaningful “ time gossiping about married people/people better than him . Alai ,I insist go and raise a Family because you don’t know who you are fighting for. You are becoming an insult to the world of creation .Robert Onyango Alai will call you a pig if you disagree with him and even shamefully block you from seeing his trash yet the aim was to ” fight ” for you ” the weak ” . Seriously, tribalism is an issue in Kenya and it is a concern to all of us. We can agree that there is unequal distribution of resources and some tribes are dominating various positions in the Ministries . This does not guarantee Alai an opportunity to hate a certain tribe .

Just sample Alai’s numerous tweets and compare his hate on Kikuyus. I think a Kikuyu snatched his Girlfriend hence the hate. We will start a campaign to tell the one who took his girlfriend to give him back and maybe that will give him a life. My friend Alai , you are like Australopithecus using a computer and we the current generation have to school you.I say Australopithecus because we don’t expect a grown up Kenyan man like you to behave like a “pig ” the same term you like to shamelessly use. If you want to fight tribalism you can not use a computer to preach about it . I am also in the process of fighting it and I have started with my University ( Meru University ) where I talk about it and its effects and it is achieving some progress. I insist your tweets cannot solve tribalism issues in this beautiful country of ours . Go to the ground. I wish you achieved higher Education and learn this because your ignorance is shaming even your followers * Face palm *


Alai also wants people to be raped . In short Alai wants women to be raped ,You pig , if your mother mistreated you when you were young don’t wish bad things to happen to other women. Rape is bad and it may make some people kill themselves. Since you seem to be like a brainless monitor lizard and an attention whore we let you spit your trash , we will use them to educate people how trash looks like.I also wonder why ugly people behave this way ! please Alai be yourself, you were created in the image of God. We can give you a Bible to read and confirm that if you lack one !!! Seriously !

Alai also thinks that we are competing him on social media. We know social media is your full time job unlike most of us who social media is our part time Job. So don’t feel threatened but know that it is shameful to have blogged for five years and lack a decent living. Wise bloggers are somewhere .#JustAThought

Sometimes you have some sense in what you tweet but most of your tweets are like following a slum sewage . Know that Kenyais moving ahead and we the young generation are killing and nipping tribalism at the bud . Most of my friends are Kikuyus,Luos ( Where I was in for my high school education ) Luhyas and many others.

  • Last word is to advice you to know who you’re fighting for and have a life Stop swimming in the murky sea of apathy and naivety Mr Grandfather . Thank you

Nyakundi Cyprian