Tribulation and Triumphs of Multimedia University of Kenya.

Located 25KM from the capital city of Kenya Nairobi and one kilometre from Ongata Rongai town, along Magadi road and adjacent to Nairobi National Park is the ICT centre of excellence ,Media and Business- Multimedia University Of Kenya (MMU)

The institution was founded in the year 1948 as the Central Training School (CTS) to serve East African Posts Training school. In the year 1977, it was transformed to Kenya Posts and Telecommunication corporations (KPTC) when the East African community collapsed. Later in 1992, the college was upgraded to Kenya College of Communication Technology (KCCT) under KPTC and later a subsidiary of Telkom Kenya ltd and after a few years i.e 2006 it became a CCK subsidiary after privatization of TKL. Its growth never came to end here; the year 2008, it became Multimedia University College Of Kenya under Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and attained full university status in 2013.

There is no doubt that the institution has grown from a mare college under the watch of government parastatals to a ‘strong’ and stand alone entity. Ranked as the best university in the use of ICT in Kenya and 5th overall in the East African region, the varsity is headed and kind of in the right part to position itself as one of the big giants in the education sector.

Since the emergence of a student union on September 2010, there have been radical changes- this has led to several collisions between students and the management. For the few years I have been associated with the varsity, it has not been a bed of roses, land of free milk and honey. The highway of development and quality service delivery has had lots of potholes but who should we blame? Is it the government or the management? Who has failed to execute his/her mandate?

Due to the ‘continued and persistent ignorance’ by the management, the students have held several demos…the language well understood by the beuracrats.

The most high notch demo took place most recently (25th and 26th June 2013). The students had called a meeting with the management but the VC prof. Walter Oyawa failed to show up thus raising more commitment questions than the answers. Of major concern was and still is the formula of fee payment and the way the Academic Registrar Dr.Livingstone Ngoo handles students using abusive language.

Analysis Of The Demo

After the meeting failed to reach an agreement the students went on rampage blocking Magadi road so as to force the management give them audience. Later the anti riot police from Langata Police station were called to quell the students. In their (students) quest to get an amicable solution to their problems, they resolved to have another meeting on Wednesday but instead the management led by the ill nurtured,primitive and naive Dr. Ngoo called the anti riot police and sent the students home till further communication.

After around a two hour running battle between the students and the police the student leaders decided to go to court to fight for their right. A petion seeking to compell the university to reopen and recall the students unconditionally and order the management to allow the students pay fees in the formula of 50;50;20;10 basis was filed on Friday 28th June 2013 at the Milimani High Courts.

A source close to the core of the student union that requested for anonimity due to the sensitivity of the matter also disclosed to me that there is another petition in the offing. When I tried to get more details, he could not splash more but promised to call me at a later date and share more with me.

The Multimedia University Of Kenya Student Union (MUKSU) also sort more help from some Mps whose names are yet to be put public and left copies of the petition with them. Also a senior official from the office of Deputy President rumuored to be the Director of Youth Affairs has been ‘enjoined’ to push the ‘Redorm Agenda.’

To ensure that no hole was/is to be left unsealed, MUKSU also wrote to the PS Ministry of Education. The response is that after the inauguration of a New Council all logistics will be resolved after the appointment of a VC. Other appoints like that of DVs and other administrators would follow suite. If the institution perfoms as per the government’s expectation it will be reloctaed to the upcoming Tech City- Konza City since it was recently chosen by the government to push the realization of Vision 2030. May God Bless MMU.

More to follow after the hearing of the petition…..


SHAME: Daystar University Running Out Of Cash!

We have just learnt that Daystar University, one of the most successful private varsities, is a facing devastating cash crunch because the animal healer Dr Timothy Wachira has refusedto accept funding from its former principle donor, Daystar USA.
The situation is getting worse that even the payment of salaries is being delayed, touchingoff fear and loathing among staff members who are plotting to escape to other work places.
“As for me and many of my colleagues, we areout in the woods scouting for new jobs because there is a massive cash crisis here,” asource said, warning that the situation wouldsoon get out of hand.
And to make things worse, Wachira is currently building a multimillion shilling eight-story block in the university, thereby ensuringthat the small amount raised by the parents including Deputy President William Ruto.
Well, we need that man out of that University if it is to expand and match the likes of other private varsities. Therefore, I call upon all the alumina to step in and save their university that is in dire need of their services. Oliver Mathenge and Gordon Mutugi and Naisuula Lesuuda and Anne Kiguta and the rest, get your asses out of the comfort zone and save this institution
Courtesy of Jackal News

Multimedia University Of Kenya Council To Face Six Months Jail Term!

Source (Standard Digital)

The Industrial Court has ordered for a six-month jail term for the entire council of Multimedia University over contempt of court.
The university’s Director of Corporate Affairs had sued the Vice- Chancellor for sexual harassment and obtained conservatory orders that the university authorities disobeyed.
Justice David Marete directed that the Vice-Chancellor Walter Odhiambo Oyawa and the entire council members be jailed for six months for defying a court order issued on October 9 and 16, last year. Other council members include Bitange Ndemo, the PS Information and Communications, his Finance counterpart Joseph Kinyua, Douglas Shitanda. Others are, PS Higher Education Crispus Kiamba, and Mabel Imbuga-Vice Chancellor, JKUAT, among others.

Government Response on Jicho Pevu Feature ‘Who Killed Saitoti?’

The Government has taken note of the contents of a feature broadcast in English and Kiswahili on one of the major media stations concerning the proceedings of the Commission of the ill-fated helicopter registration 5YCDT AS 350 B3e, that crashed in Kibiku forest, Ngong, on 10 th June 2012 killing all on board including the then Ministerfor Internal Security, Hon. George Saitoti and his Assistant, Hon. Orwa Ojode.
The feature story insinuates that the Commission set up to ‘investigate’ this fatal crash failed to address gaps that emerged during its proceedings.
We wish to state from the onset that the Commission was not an investigative authority but a ‘Commission of Inquiry ’ that had very clear and elaborate terms of reference.
The report and recommendations that this Commission has come up with are based on a thorough evaluation of the evidence that was adduced before the commissioners together with the evaluation of the technical reports that were presented by the various accredited aviation experts and agencies, both local and foreign.
It should be recalled that the Commission made not less than five public appeals and invitations through the print and electronic media for anybody with information or evidence that led to the fatal crash to present it to the Commission, either by person or by way of a memorandum. Several persons and entities responded. The Commission eventually managed Sixty Six (66 no.) witnesses, who appeared and were heard in the public sittings.
While it is within their rights for the journalists who produced the feature story toembark on their assignment, it would have been prudent for the so called evidence collected to be brought before the commission for canvassing and interrogationby the counsels present and the interested parties to ascertain its veracity.
We therefore wish to advise the public to treat the feature story as fabricated untruthsand see this feature story as a diversion that is being fronted by personalities or entities that were shy or not willing to appear before the Commission.
The report of the Commission is now in the public domain and can be accessed on myoffice website and further on . Further, the Government has instructed therelevant authorities to take up the recommendations as a matter of urgency so that justice can be dispensed.
Finally,the Government urges the producers of the feature story and media personalities in general to be sensitive to the plight of the members of the affected families. They should exhibit a sense of humanity by exercising responsible journalism while handling reportages of this nature. We are aware of the freedom of the press which we promote and uphold, but every freedom carries a responsibility, lest we infringe on other people’s rights.
Muthui Kariuki, EBS
19 th April 2013