Why CORD nation and ‘Raila-Maniacs’ need to wake up.

kalonzoAbigail Van Buren once said that; If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.Am compelled to be suspicious of former president Moi… He must have come across this quote maybe while traversing the world, meeting other leaders or even at his study desk and never took it for granted.

He retired from active politics a decade ago but mzee still rules. His impact is still felt and his political blood flowing in the veins of Kenyan politics. He nurtured lots of seedlings; talk of President Uhuru, DP Ruto and Mudavadi to just but list the top notch figures in the Kenyan political arena.

How about ‘Baba’- Raila Odinga? Who is he passing over the mantle to? This man has been in politics for long He got engaged very early in his age. He became the talk of the ‘village’. His parents waited. The village kept the faith. His friends acquired patience… They all were thirsty and yearned for the baby who was never to be- The presidency.

‘They’ say he is the father of democracy. The father of Reforms. The father of the fruits that the ‘hague suspects’ are enjoying. I can’t dissent about this but Baba slept and left the baby with the jiko.

I have been thinking about the CORD nation more especially the Nyanza region (leave Kalonzo out of the question; He is a political prostitute who slept with Raila to get fair home). A region obsessed with Raila- He is the engine, the ignition key yaani baba na mama. One thing that the ‘Raila-maniacs’ need to come to terms with is that soon they shall be orphans. They will not have any hook to anchor their hopes. They will sway and sink deep in the sea.


If you think am crazy, tell me who Raila has nurtured to navigate the ship of his constituency and push the agendas he has and still stands for. Don’t tell me Namwamba. Don’t tell me his political cousins. Amepanda mbegu gani?

As my friend Tsomnyazi puts it, ‘I think Raila is truly a spent cartrige. No longer a useful ammunition, the aexplosive powder was all burnt on March 4th. Even his political presence doesn’t excite Kondele gangs any longer.

That is why am penning this call. A call to the CORD nation to divorce Raila and find a new wife. A wife who can deliver in the coming future. The current political gimmicks he is making are just but swing moods. The moods ladies express during their red period.

Don’t confuse the political statements he is making with forging and clearing the path for 2017. It will be the worst mistake he will ever make. An abortion and he will succumb to the post-election complications! This am sure he is very much aware but we the followers of the demigod we have made him are completely void and ignorant.

I commend the ODM young Turks who recently cocked the gun but the cry of the woman- Raila pushed them under the table. This is a fight that need a strong, ambitious and a sharp shooter to bring the bird down. This will be seen as going against the will of the people but the masses will appreciate in the coming future.

oh! Mr. Nyamare is yet to make any statement concerning the referendum call. Allow me to spit my nonsense; The referendum will happen. Not very soon but soon. The supreme law has some skeletons that need some flesh, put the Jubilee and CORD differences aside and discuss this agenda extensively. I rest my case.

By Nyamare Roy


The Curse of Jubilee That Will Derail Kenya


‘They’ call themselves team digital- a government of instant service delivery, top notch leadership and a people centered regime. ‘They’ want a double digit economy by the end of five years. But I doubt, yes; I doubt.

Many have called me anti-jubilee and labelled me pro-CORD- That is the political formula in the world. Thank God am not from the extreme of the CORD heartbeat or rather ODM. Am Kenyan and proud of my president and the peaceful environment that am in; so don’t call me pro-CORD or ant-Jubilee.

I love ‘my’ government, ‘our’ government, the ‘people’s’ government. I was taught in the class of life that in every society there are divergent views, and this brings about diversity. ‘Those’ mongrels against opposition should know that it is the only eye of the government, industry of ideas- the ‘crying lot’ that can only check and ensure all is well.
On March 9th 2013, they won. They should not think all is well…. Am sure they know from the recent heckling of Jubilee ‘sympathizers’ in the so called CORD strongholds. They came in at a worse and surreal stage- transitional period- bungled with all forms of misunderstandings. It is not and will not be a bed of roses neither will it be a walk in the park. The ‘young boys’ have a lot to do. Methinks Kenyans careless about their b romance leadership.
Dear Mr. President and your ‘digital’ team, am writing form a poorly lit corner in a slum to tell you what I feel Kenyans want. I might have or not voted for you but that is how democracy operates. Below are the reasons why your- oh! Our government may derail Kenya.

Firstly, I love and adore how ambitious you are. If I were a girl, you could have been my crush. I swear. Your master plan for Kenya during campaigns that is well captured in the manifesto is too ambitious- that take to the bank. Even your Mum, the lovely Mama Ngina can confess but she can’t. A mum can’t vent negativity towards her son. For so long; I have said that this is a government of ‘Impress the people’ and that I stand with it. Surely Mr. President, this laptop thing you will execute it fully but it shall be a scandal, a waste of resources and a minus in the economy of Kenya. Much has been said and I am not ready to add anything. Ignore ‘us’ but one day, one day, you shall apologize to Kenyans.

Devolution. A curse and a blessing on the same breath. Governors and senators have been on the frontline crying foul. You are not devoted to deliver the constitutional fruit. Your own and core mandarins have come out telling Kenyans how you lack the willpower to empower the counties- this is a big pothole- seal it ASAP.

Few days after you received the instruments of power, Raila Odinga, Baba- as ‘they’ call him seems to be your focus. You have put more effort to ensure he goes to his political grave by staging numerous mistreatment not understanding that he is a product of the people and the king can’t come down before the people say or decide.

Continued mistreatment of ‘somebody’s’ baba will create a more divided Kenya. Handle the man with care, he is fragile.

Oh! Have you thought about industrial revolutions that have already set pace? Civil servants play a crucial role in the economic development- honor your agreements. You can’t solve problems with intimidation-that is ignorance- a plague. I remember you unveiling a competent cabinet team, what went wrong? Who is this Kazungu Kambi? Is there anyone who can give me the thinking profile of Prof. Kaimenyi? These guys need some schooling. There thing is poor- yes, lowly placed. Am told you are angered by several other disgusting cabinet secretaries- hmm! Never knew even the digital team can collapse to analog.

As much as you have shown much ‘love’ towards the fourth estate, I ‘know’ how much you hate it. Thank God the media is aware of your bribery. Guess what Mr. President, you surprised me. Appointing Dennis Itumbi as the Director new media and Diaspora issues is equal to blocking information from the people. I can’t deny the malicious and poisonous young man is competent but a big and great propagandist. He will counter the criticism and try to sway the ‘suffers’ who can’t afford newspapers but depend on blogs and hearsay for news. Information is power… You have deprived the youth the power to change the society.

I want to write more but my pen is no more. And as I go for another one, ‘We’ want a prosperous nation. You are the head of the family… Be aware this five years will be a transitional age. You may not achieve much but only if the priorities are set right. Don’t impress us’ deliver what is right in the Kenyan context.

Don’t prune the opposition- you will plunge into a ditch. God bless Kenya.

How Murk We Kenyans Are!

Just look at who we’ve elected into county and national offices. One wink and we all know what I am talking about. Some are landgrabbers, suspects of egregious offences, drug addicts, and a sordid assortment of beefy-necked pillagers squat in public offices.That’s your fault – because you either electedthem, or allowed them to manipulate their way into office.
Remember the statement by French philosopher Joseph de Maistre – “every country has the government it deserves”. We elect our tormentors, and then wonder why we are being tormented. We aren’t victims, but self-victimisers. We just love that boot of the oppressor on our necks.

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via The Nation NewsPaper

Many have called me anti-jubilee and labelled me pro-CORD- That is the political formula in the world. Thank God am not from the extreme of the CORD heartbeat or rather ODM. Am Kenyan and proud of my president and the peaceful environment that am in; so don’t call me pro-CORD or ant-Jubilee.
I love ‘my’ government, ‘our’ government, the ‘people’s’ government. I was taught in the class of life that in every society thereare divergent views, and this brings about diversity. ‘Those’ mongrels against opposition should know thatit is the only eye of the government, industry of ideas- the ‘crying lot’ that can only check and ensure all is well.

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Why I WON’T Ridicule Keithi Kilonzo!


Am finding it hard. Hard to poke fun at Kethi D. Kilonzo. I could have said,
,”Look at You! You are such a disgrace! Oh,You wasnt a registered voter? Well,suck it up loser! Down You go! Down Down Down! You”ve lost it! You aint a star anymore! Loser!”
But I thought No. No. This is NOT HOW to respond to the tribulations facing this girl. No.I refused to mock her and berate her and harangue her.
She wasnt a registered voter? Oops. She lied that she registered? Oh… Ok.
But I sat and thought. I wont go for her neck. Or hang her at the calvary of ridicule. I still find something to LOVE in her. I still find a sharp brain in her. I still find a brilliant lawyer in her. I still find a powerful force in her.
To Me,her star is still shinning. Why? Because she didnt commit a UNIQUE crime. She committed a universal crime. Something that Icould have done. Something WE ALL could have done. Or have ever done. YES.
I confess that,at some point in my life,I’ve lied to authorities just to get ahead in life. I have twisted the truth. I have uttered false statements. Because I am human. And because I was selfish.
Some people have being busted with fake documents…some have lied their age…some have forged certificates…some have hidden behind the truth and others have twisted andconcocted lies. For the sake of SURVIVAL.
We are ALL HUMAN. And we ALL want to survive. By ANY MEANS. Either by honesty. Or by trickery.
Its NOT ACCEPTABLE. But its TEMPTING. And I repeat,its NOT Acceptable.
But I wont ATTACK Kethi. With sheer brutality and cold malice. Just because she has been busted. Or humiliated. NO.
The girl has been through enough. And the least I can do is STAND by Her. Not because I condone her actions but because I UNDERSTAND her predicament.
What I know is that, she’s just an innocent girl…a poor girl caught up in the crossfire; caught up in the middle of an acrimonious political supremacy battle…she’s a simple pawn… A besieged novice…the carpet upon whch political giants are trampling,the grass upon which political bull-fighters are wrestling on…a punching bag,the bag into which political wrestlers pump their mercilessfists…
Its NOT about Her. Its about THEM. As long as THEIR political dreams stay alive,NOTHING else matters. Not even a poor girl’s reputation.
I feel You,Kethi. Damn,I DO!
Kethi,when the vampires of politics come for Your blood,You may as well say Your last prayers.
Kethi Darling,
Take Heart. Hold Your head Up and remain focused. Even though You are a star in the corridors of the court,You are a novice in the dirty streets of politics.
I believe You’ve learnt Your lessons. You have felt the heat. You have tasted the acidic poison of politics. And You have woken up to the harsh realities of Kenya’s pungent PoliticalLandscape.
Weep Not.
Stand Up. Dust Your shoulders. Dry Your tears.Wash Your face and learn to smile again.
I have been totally unable to ATTACK You. Just because of a merciless political battle.
To Me You’re still a;
Firm,noble,chivalrous,virtuous,laudable,decorus,articulate,bright,smart,amazing,intelligent,fresh and mind-blowing individual.
I fell in Love with You way back in March.
And am still in Love.
Weep Not,Child.
Its just a DIRTY game.

By Cabu Gah

Raila should stop the cheap talk and be a statesman!

Murithi Mutiga

The two sides of Raila Odinga were on display this past week. The first was at a dinner organised by The Times newspaper, which was hosting a summit on Africa’s economic prospects.
Raila was the main speaker and there was a great sense of anticipation among the audience in London.
What kind of speech would he give? Would he emerge as a bitter, resentful figure and urge investors to stay away from Kenya?
Or would he rise above the disappointment of defeat and, like the Ghanaian, South African and Nigerian political and business leaders present, put forward the case that with its strikingly young population, expanding middle class and improving macro-economic situation, Africa was the place for smart business people to take their money?
In the event, Raila gave a sparkling performance offering a peek into what a success he can be if he decides to join the club of grandees of African politics such as Mbeki, Mogae and Rawlings and moves awayfrom active politics.
Hold the attention
He opened with a joke. It is not easy, he said, to hold the attention of an audience which was being treated to such a sumptuous dinner.
He went on to make a forceful pitch for investors to take their money to Kenya and laid out an elaborate case for the Lamu port project in particular.
The next day, the other Raila – the partisan rabble-rouser – was on display. He met a group of Cord supporters at a hotel and railed against the election result.
Not content with disputing the legal basis forthe decision of the Supreme Court, he questioned the integrity of the judges. And he followed that up with a call for the disbandment of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. He also suggested he may soon make his way back to Parliament.
His advisers should counsel against taking that option. He would gain little by being a backbencher.
Play the role
By contrast, Raila would be a giant among men if he decided to play the role of international statesman by, say, starting an institute to study the role of ethnicity in African politics and proposing a new type of politics.
The role of oppositionist makes him look like a small, insignificant man. His recent attacks on the Supreme Court and the IEBC are particularly ill-judged.
In his heart of hearts and as one of the most astute students of Kenyan politics, Raila must know he lost the election.
The Kalenjin Nation was the Ohio state of the2013 presidential election. Every serious ODMstrategist knew Odinga needed to win at least 40 per cent of the vote there to stand a chance of victory. When Uhuru polled 90 per cent in most Rift Valley polling stations, the game was up.
Supreme Court
All the rest of the talk about EVIDs, BVRs and other equipment is just baseless navel gazing. The Supreme Court was not presented with anything close to a case which would have prompted them to take the unprecedented decision of overturning the result of a presidential election.
That notwithstanding, Raila can go down in history as a truly great African.
His efforts have helped Kenya make dramatic democratic gains and emerge today as one of the most advanced and respected nations on the continent.
If the country meets its Vision 2030 goals, it will be as much because of Raila as anyone else and because of his role in averting civil war in 2007/8 in particular.
The alternative is for Raila to go back to the opposition benches and become known to history as an eternal oppositionist and perennial loser in the mould of the DRC’s Étienne Tshisekedi.
Murithi Mutiga is the Special Projects Editor, Sunday Nation mmutiga@ke.nationmedia.com

Why Is The Kenyan Parliament Haunted By Death?

By Jerry Okungu.

Kenya’s 11th Parliament has lived to its reputation. It has claimed its first victim in Senator Mutula Kilonzo of Makueni early in the first month of its existence.
This tradition of losing elected leaders undermysterious circumstances has dogged Kenya’s August House since 1963.
In December 1964, Senator Oruko MackAsembo died in a freak accident after attending the first Jamhuri celebrations. A year later, the 1st Parliament had to claim thelife of Pio Gama Pinto through an assassin’s bullet in front of his doorstep in Parklands, Nairobi. To date, the killers of Pinto have never been found.
Four years later, the 1st Parliament had to claim the life of Cabinet Minister Argwings Kodhek of Gem constituency again in a freakaccident in Nairobi’s present day Kodhek Road in Hurlingham. Six months after the demise of Kodhek, Tom Mboya was shot dead in broad day light in the present day Moi Avenue bringing to a total of four deathsin the first Parliament.
Tom Mboya was never to die alone, for threemonths after his burial in Rusinga Island; a visit to Kisumu by President Jomo Kenyatta resulted in the massacre of several rioters who were protesting against the murder of Mboya.
The second Parliament was never to be different. In the third month of its life, JM Kariuki, the MP for Nyandarua was found brutally murdered at Ngong Hills. He had just won his seat in a landslide during the December 1974 general election.
The third Parliament started with lots of upheavals under Daniel arap Moi. Although no elected MP died in 1979 when Moi was elected for his first term, three years later, the attempted coup by the Kenya Air Force cost many soldiers and civilians their lives in brief encounters between rebel soldiers and loyalists. In the aftermath of the civil strife, Moi used the opportunity to execute a number of those he thought led the coup.
The fourth Parliament—1983 and 1988—had to claim the life of Gem MP, Hon Ongili in a grisly murder in his rural home. Otieno Ambala who had run against him andwas alleged to have planned Ongili’s murder had to also die mysteriously in his cell at Kodiaga prison.
The 5th Parliament was another big one. Two years after the 1988 elections, Robert Ouko was found brutally murdered in Got Alila near his Koru home in Nyanza. His death, like that of JM Kariuki, Ongili, Pio GamaPinto and Tom Mboya was never resolved.
There seems to have been a lull in violent political assassinations during the 6th Parliament that ran between 1992 and 1997. This could have been due to a return to multiparty politics that made it difficult forthe Kanu regime to carry out such criminal activities at will.
The same lull had to continue during the 7th Parliament between 1997 and 2002 during Moi’s last term as President. It was also in this era when Kenyans began to enjoy expanded political space and freedom of opinion and expression.
However, some politically related killings took place in parts of Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western and Coast provinces, zones that were considered Kanu strongholds, in the run up to the 1992 and 1997 elections. These killings were also investigated withoutany meaningful results given to the public.
However, the 9th parliament became more tragic than most of them all. Just before we had elections in December 2002, Mwai Kibaki, the presidential candidate had one ofthe worst tragic accidents that dogged him for the better part of his 10 year rule.
Just weeks into his Presidency, an air crash at Moody Awori’s home claimed the life of one Cabinet Minister while those of two others hanged in the balance in a Nairobi hospital for weeks. Weeks later, another Cabinet minister from Masailand succumbed to his death in a South African Hospital to be followed by Vice President Kijana Wamalwa’sdemise in August 2003.
However the worst disaster for the 9th Parliament was yet to come when in 2006 a military aircraft on a peace mission crashed in Marsabit killed two assistant ministers, four MPs and eight security personnel. Among the dead was Bonaya Godana, the former Foreign Affairs minister in Moi’s last regime.
Around the same time, Odhiambo Mbai, the university don who was the lead devolution expert at the Bomas Constitutional Conference, was gunned down in his living room on Ngong Road in broad day light. Likethe others before him, his killers have never been found.
The 10th Parliament had its fair share of tragic deaths. Apart from the 1,500 innocentKenyans killed in the 2008 post election riots, Mugabe Were was gunned down in hishome in Nairobi just a few days after being declared the elected MP for Embakasi.
Now that Mutula Kilonzo is lying dead under mysterious circumstances, it remains to be seen if the jinx of the Kenyan Parliament will come to an end and whether the security agencies will conclusively unravel the mystery surrounding the Senator’s death.