The Tough Road Ahead To Fulfill The Jubilee Promise.

Political analysts liken the challenges facing the Uhuru presidency to those faced by his father when he had to grapple with the Shifta insurgency in North Eastern Province alongside political instability and prospects of a military revolt.
But most worrying must be the International Criminal Court charges which will in September and November make Uhuru and Ruto the first sitting President and Deputy President to stand trial in The Hague’s dock.
Even before completing a week in office, Uhuru was confronted with an uprising from MPs who were demanding the reinstatement of the high salaries the members of 10th Parliament were earning.

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Who Is Raila Odinga?

Who is Raila Odinga that a whole Government Spokesman would exhibit so much emotion and deep-seated hatred when discussing him??

Isn’t he just a spokesman? For the Government? Couldn’t he conceal his feelings? And speak from his head? Not from his heart? With so much acid in his tongue and malice in his soul??

Who is RAILA ODINGA that the Government could take its time,sit down and draft a whole press statement titled “RAILA HAS BECOME TOXIC”…WOW! The Government REALLY settled for such a title? Have things gone totally awry??

Who is RAILA ODINGA,man? Who is He? Why does he invoke so much fear amongst his adversaries? Why does he invoke so much

reverence amongst his followers?? Should we tame him? Tell me,should We??

Some think We should. Some think we MUST clip his tongue and snap his wings…some think we should gag his speech and scuttle his activities…Oh Yes,some even suggested we arrest the man,charge the man and HANG the man!

Oh! He’s a toxic man! People! Come and see! He’s a wicked schemer…a perennial trouble-man…a conniving serpent…A Machiavellian

lobbyist…A toxic antagonist…A master-planner…a merchant of evil…A felon…a malevolent soul…a treacherous spirit…But some DISAGREE. They disagree with the titles we give him,the stupid labels we give to him…the stereotyping and the names we brand him! To them,BABA is beyond those dirty,little names we give him! Oh,cut the man

some slack! Look at You! You thankless,godless scoundrels! How could You NOT RESPECT

Baba? How could You trivialize the efforts of Baba? Surely,A Prophet is NOT honored in his own country! The whole World loves Baba! The whole

world KNOWS and RESPECTS Baba! Look at You! You jealous scumbags!

Didn’t You hear what Sir Richard Bronson said about Baba? He called him Kenya’s Mandela!

Didn’t You hear what American singer Akon said about Baba? He called him his Greatest African Hero! Yes,they said that! And many more have

praised him,showered their adoration on him,fallen over themselves to meet him and worshiped at the altar of his ideals! He is our Man! They say! Leave Baba alone,they say! Where were You? Where were You when

Baba fought for democracy? Where were You when Baba was incarcerated? When Baba was detained for fighting for the truth? Where were You? They Ask!

Baba is OUR President,others say! NO,HE IS NOT! Others thunder!

He’s a little depraved power-dragon! He’s a cunning soul,with the tongue of a serpent and the schemes of a devil! SHAME ON YOU,FOOLS!

You clearly DON’T KNOW Baba! Didn’t Baba graciously accept to have “LOST”an

election that the whole World clearly knew he had won? Didn’t they steal it from him? In 2007? And yet he became the man,he calmed

his soul and accepted defeat! Who else could have done that?? Tell Me,WHO???

And You want to demonize such a man? You want to curse and insult such a man? Hey!He’s an icon! Our icon! He’s a legend! Our eternal President!

Oh,Go to hell You bastards! Your Baba is just an ego-centric,power-

hungry mammoth of a man,bent on destabilizing governments and sowing eternal seeds of discord! That’s All! Many will agree. And yet even many more will vehemently disagree! My Goodness! Who Is Raila Amolo Odinga?

Who IS HE?? Should I adore him or loath him? Should I embrace him or shun him?

Its so confusing!

My People!


Via Cabu Gah

The Curse Behind Kethi’s Wounds.


The story of Diana Kethi Kilonzo, the young woman who dared to replace her dead father in the Senate is a sad one; sad because having been duly nominated she ended up losing that nomination followingan acrimonious petition at the IEBC.

I watched the saga being broadcast live on local TV. I was amazed at the obvious lapses that occurred during Kethi’s purported registration as a voter and later during the nomination. What hit me earlier in the hearing was the fact that Kethi, being a renowned lawyer and daughter of a flamboyant lawyer and politician, never registered as a voter in Makueni where her father was contesting the Senate seat. Now if Kethi, the favorite daughter of her late father did not bother to vote for Mutula, who among the late Senator’s immediate family supported him
at the polls?

When Kethi chose to register as a voter, whether it was in 2013 or 2011, it was not to be in Makueni. She chose Lang’ata, far away from her father’s constituency. Why did she do this? Is there something that we
Kenyans do not know about this great family? When Kethi chose to register as a voter, she chose to use her passport which expired in
2001 and a copy of her national ID card.

This is intriguing considering Kethi is not some illiterate village girl who doesn’t know the difference between a valid document and an invalid one.As we watched this drama in my house, a friend made a valid remark that having held an expired passport for 12 years; does it mean that this great lawyer has never travelled outside our borders even to attend
a professional conference? Discrepancies in Kethi’s story aside, the case
also exposed serious weaknesses in the IEBC. The IEBC that was disputing the validity of her registration is the same body that “fraudulently” registered her using an expired passport and a photo copy of her ID

Furthermore, the same IEBC officials cleared her when she presented herself at Makueni and gave her the nomination certificate to contest the Makueni senatorial seat. With these glaring blunders, the electoral
body cannot run away from its internal problems; problems that have come up again and again since the hearing of the presidential election petition.
IEBC lapses must be dealt with now to avoid catastrophic consequences in the future.What baffled many Kenyans was the fact that even though the IEBC was equally on trial for handling the “fraudulent” documents, it indeed sat on the judgment table and decided Kethi’s fate when in fact
all the documents presented as evidence were produced by the commission. Is it possible that in future, when the IEBC is implicated in a similar case, an independent tribunal be set up by the Supreme Court? For Kethi, I think the ancestors of Makueni were not happy. It is too early toreplace her father before his grave had settled. There are unfinished businesses with Mutula’s death. The post mortem results are still stuck
in London.

When someone like Mutula dies, there are many things the family must do to ensure it is back on track.ushing to replace him should not be a priority. More importantly, the family must sit down and soberly choose
who, if any, to replace their father. This replacement should have waited until 2017 when either Mutula Jr or Kethi would be ready and organised enough to contest the seat. The rush to replace Mutula has caused Kethi dearly and will most likely hurt the family for many years to come.

With the IEBC verdict, some malicious individuals may go to court to investigate Kethi and prefer criminal charges against her. If the courts uphold that indeed shebreached the law during the nomination, she may face punitive measures from the Law Society of Kenya and possible prosecution by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Kethi case reminds me of a saying in my village that if you find a fox chasing a hen in the thicket, the first thing to do is to first chase the fox away. However, on arriving home, you must put the hen down and rebuke it for carelessly wandering in the bush, something which will one day cost it its life.

I know Kethi’s lawyers have appealed IEBC’s verdict in the High Court. However, I can almost predict that the courts will uphold the verdict if recent past judgments are anything to go by. Let us only hope that the whole saga will mend here so that Kethi can be allowed to go on with her life.

By Jerry Okungu via The Star.

How TNA Plans To Tame Raila and DP Ruto

The enigma of Kenyan Politics- a man who has made news for the last two decades but since his exit media houses are sort of stories…ask David Ohito of the Standard group. Described by many as the father of second liberation in Kenya and modern democracy- Raila Odinga well known by his supporters as Jakom is a political bigwig you can’t sideline in the Kenyan political context.

This man is made of a hard skin; hard to penetrate. His heart is almost metalic,unshakable by cheap talk in the market and pumps blood at the rate no heart can put up with… A cat with nine lives. He has fougth several battles and proved to be a strong captain who is not scared of tides. Those he has lost have come to haunt many…. Baba as ‘They’ call him is a man loved by men and with enemies of equal measure.


The bitterly and fiercely contested general election under the newly inaugurated constitution (2010) was a titanic figth between bulls bred,fed and nurtured in Luhya land…#SomeoneTell me how you the fight in Luhya: sorry for that,it was a ‘BTW’- a Two Horse as the rest were not even donkeys except #MwalimuDida but he-goats deep inside a jungle less known to them.

From the time IEBC declared that Jubilee was the legitimate winner and CORD the ‘looser’ the government (UhuRuto mandarins) is yet to come to term that Raila is ‘no longer in power’ and the situation is tense because he is yet to declare his permanent exit from the game he knows better.

The various snares have been set to intimidate him but non has bore fruits. They began with robbing his gas manufacturing industry and airport intimidation of Mama Ida Odinga and himself. They barred him from accessing the VIP lounge. This did not end well as even the Jubilee supporters cursed the scenes

Another Issue that raised questions is the invitation to state house…was it a PR move by Uhuru? Claims later emerged that they wanted to make Raila an errand in the name of Special Envoy

Being an intelligent man he is, he declined the offer- His hands were full serving Kenyans in other capacities and the whole wolrd knows this… Don’t you wonder why his diary has been full traversing the world to inspire and articulate the African development agenda.

The Jubilee government does not want him to enjoy the status that he has gained through his hardwork. They want him fully retired from poiltics before he gets his retirement package…. Is this the leadership we want in Kenya? Anyway Raila is not a pauper like some of ‘You’. You can’t intimidate a man of the people, his silence I assure is a time bomb and the man is Regrouping to ‘overthrow’ the ‘dark forces’

William Ruto, Power Hungry Man

He has been in the epicentre of dirty politics, all manner of crude scandles and his biggest headache is the ICC case where he is said to have organized butchering and forcible transfer and eviction of masses. Termed as a politcal student of the proffesor of Politics- former presient Moi- DP Ruto is a man in a mission- get hold of the Raila constituence,pocket,use and dump them like a used pad!

He has found a side dish, mpango wa Kando i.e the new football fanatic on the block it was even rumoured (for it isn’t a rumour) that Shebesh’s entry in wanting to be a football administrator was a strategy to gain and infiltrate influence on the Western Region well known for their radical support and fanatism in football as well as their support for Odinga. Offering cash and attending matches won’t chane a voter’s mind. Mr. Ruto, you are misplaced and using the worst gadget to lure wise people. Football and politics is alike a tshirt and a shirt…they have different modes of wearing them my dear DP

Sometime back the former VP Kalonzo said that give a man power and you will get to know understand him well. The true Ruto- self proclaimed HUSTLER is emerging…preching water and drinking wine…. I dont blame him… His love with president Uhuru has blinded him. The soap opera addicts can confess they can atleast watch news to see a Kenyan man who has fallen in love and can afford to cry….ouch!

Ruto is not aware of one thing… It migth be a set up by the people who know him,eat with him and laugh with him that he is power hungry more than a desperate woman ready to sleep with any man to quench her hot hormones.

Just two months in office and scamdles are already engulfing his domain. ‘The 100M’ jet hire to W. Africa whose agenda am yet to comprehend. He also lost a land case last week and ordered to pay 5M compesation to Adrian Muteshi and vacate the 100 acres he tresspassed

The latest of that is being done in secret is the upgrade of the official DP residence at 100M. Of my worry is that they are using ‘restricted tendering’ but why? What is it that they don’t want Kenyans to know?

Dear Ruto, during the campaign you were described as power hungry man( I know you wont admit). ‘They’ wanted you to deliver them the votes and they would deal with in the way they know well.Watch!

Uhuru did not win the election, Havard dons say!

By Felix Olick
NAIROBI, KENYA: An exit poll during the March 4 polls claims that there was a statistical tie between CORD leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta with both failing to hit the 50 per cent plus one mark.
The poll conducted by two US political scientists puts Raila ahead at 40.9 per cent while Uhuru who was declared the winner of the presidential contest, at 40.6per cent.
Surprisingly, the poll almost accurately predicted the votes secured by then Amani presidential candidate Musalia Mudavadi and Alliance for Real Change candidate Abduba Dida.
The poll had predicted that Mudavadi would score 3.74 per cent of the votes but from the resultsby the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Mudavadi scored 3.93 per cent.
However, the poll accurately predicted theoutcome for Dida, who garnered 0.43 per cent of the votes as was predicted by the pollster.
However, the poll also shows that 11.8 per cent of Kenyans included in the survey refused to indicate for whom they had voted for in the historic presidential race.
According to the survey, the results represent a statistical tie between the two top contenders since due to the survey’s margin of error.
50 plus 1
Harvard University professor James D Long who was one of the researchers maintained that neither Uhuru nor Raila could score the requisite 50 per cent plus one vote as required by law even if the margin of error was slightly higher.
Prof Long is also the author of the paper, Determinants of Ethnic Voting, which is part of a book he is working on examining how elections undermine or buttress democracy and accountability.
Regarding the March 4 Kenya’s General Election, Prof Long said: “Even taking account of various statistical uncertainties, there is no reasonable assumption that gets either candidate to 50 per cent,” Long said this while releasing the results of the exit poll on Thursday at a Washington think-tank forum. The researcher termed as a statistical myth that Uhuru seriously benefited from a comparatively higher turnout in Kikuyu-dominated parts of the country.
“The contention that Kenyatta benefited from a comparatively much higher turnout in Kikuyu-dominated parts of the country was shown through the exit poll to be a myth,” Long insisted.
IEBC results
The two Researchers, however, remained mum on likely causes of the discrepancy between their survey’s results and the final results released by the Isaac Hassan-led commission.
However, the pollsters had no evidence ofvote rigging in terms of stuffing of ballot papers or vote buying.
While responding to a question by a member of the audience why the results Kenyan election could be invalid, Long retorted, ““Because people broke the law when they counted votes.”
The IEBC switched from the electronic transmission and tallying of results to the manual after the latter collapsed.
However, the Supreme Court later ruled that it was not illegal for the electoral commission to switch to the manual system after the electronic one failed.
The survey showed that 83 per cent of the Kikuyu voted for Uhuru, while 94 per cent of the Luo voted for Raila.
From the Kamba, according to the poll, Raila got 63 per cent for while Uhuru got 12 per cent.
However, Raila got 11 per cent from the Kalenjin, while Uhuru scored 74 per cent.
Raila has always insisted that the election was not free and fair. On Friday, he made a scathing attack on Chief Justice Willy Mutunga over the Supreme Court judgement that dismissed his petition.
Raila has also insisted that the IEBC has lost the confidence of Kenyans and cannot be trusted to steer the country’s next election in 2017.
During their titanic court battle Raila insisted that from the Forms 34 and 36, itwas clear Uhuru’s votes were intentionally inflated while his were reduced in an apparent trend to “meet a given threshold”.
The former Prime Minister had also demanded a forensic audit of the entire electronic system used in the March 4 presidential election, but the Supreme Court declined to grant his request.

Was Mutula Kilonzo a Womanis?

Senator Mutula Kilonzo’s death is bringing in to focus the life of the rich and powerful. Immediately after his death, people brought up all manner of theories including that he was an ICC witness and so was probably poisoned by the NSIS and govt functionaries after he failed to cross to the government side (Jubilee side).
In 2007/2008 Mutula Kilonzo was a key lieutenant of the then PNU coalition when ODM and PNU were negotiating a power sharing agreement to stop the mass killings in the post-elections violence. He thus hold lots of secrets which nobody in the government would want him to hold infinitely. The ruling class fear that he might use the evidence against the regime of UhuruKenyatta.
There are also rumours out there that he might have been poisoned by handlers of thefeared politician Harun Mwau since he won the heavily contested Makueni Senatorial seat beating Harun Mwau among others. Claims oftraces of chemicals like Polonium being found in his body have been fronted.
One claim which is also doing rounds and accompanied with much evidence is that Mutula Kilonzo was a womaniser. It is alleged that the late senator used to retreat to his Maanzoni ranch and host women groupies and have sex with them in turns. The aged senator consumed lots of the performance enhancing drug, viagra, for him to satisfy his women in bed.
Already 3 women have confessed that they were his girlfriends but sources close to workers at the home claim that Mutula Kilonzo had close to 12 or so women who were invited to his home in different times during the weekends. He would then have sex with the ladies from as far as as groups or individuals. The women claim that Mutula Kilonzo might have been killed by Viaagra overdose.
His love for women saw him divorce his first wife and is currently married to Nduku Kilonzo. Nduku is in not so good terms with Kethi and Mutula Kilonzo Jr, Mutula’s two kids from the first marriage. Mutula Kilonzo and Nduku has 3 children the eldest being Musau Kilonzo who studies in UK with his two siblings.
Mutula Kilonzo is an extremely wealthy man but among his properties, the Maanzoni ranch is said to be the biggest and most precious. He has other properties in Nakuru, Mombasa, Machakos and Nairobi.

Supreme Court was ‘loser’ in Kenya election, forum told

NEW YORK – The election decision rendered by the Supreme Court is damaging to its credibility, a Kenyan activist and a US scholar declared at a forum held in Washington on Tuesday.
Maina Kiai, head of a civil society organisation in Nairobi, and Joel Barkan, a USthink tank expert on African governance issues, both suggested that the court should have ordered a runoff between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.
The two commentators agreed that while Mr Kenyatta clearly won a larger share of the vote than Mr Odinga did on March 4, there was reason to suspect that Mr Kenyatta’s actual tally did not exceed 50 percent.
The court made a political decision” in its ruling that a runoff was not required, Prof Barkan said. Calling its unanimous opinion “very shallow,” Mr Barkan said “the court itself was the big loser” and had “essentially undermined its own authority, going forward.”
Mr Kiai used similar language in criticising the court’s performance, characterising its election ruling as “one of the most shallow judgments I have ever seen.”
“As civil society,” Mr Kiai added in his remarks at the National Endowment for Democracy, “we’re not challenging the results — we’re challenging the process. It’s important to set the bar higher for future elections.”
There is “no way we can change the fact thatUhuru Kenyatta is president of Kenya,” Mr Kiai said.
But he pointed to what he said were many small-scale manipulations of voting results that, taken together, enabled Mr Kenyatta’s reported tally to exceed the 50 percent threshold.
Prof Barkan did not offer as firm a conclusion in his assessment of the election results.
“I don’t think we’ll ever know whether they won 50 percent plus one,” he said in regard to Mr Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. “My own sense is they did not, but theydid win a plurality.
I don’t think the vote was stolen, but the election was a highly incompetent one.”
Mr Kiai added that the focus should now be on how Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto respond in the coming months to the cases brought against them in The Hague.
“The ICC is the only game in town in terms of accountability,” Mr Kiai said.
Prof Barkan offered a different view, saying, “The ICC did itself a disservice” in its handlingof the Kenyatta/Ruto cases. He cited lengthy delays in the court’s process, suggesting thatformer Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampodid not serve the court well.
In considering where advocates of democracy in Kenya should place their attention, Prof Barkan said, “I wouldn’t focus so much on the ICC case. I would focus on whether Uhuru will stick to the very admirable markers he laid out in his inauguration speech.”