Gift And Befriend; The World’s Finest Cyber Philanthropic Site Is Here

Have you ever had a thought of helping the less fortunate in society and not just but helping but making long term lasting friendship with persons in far flung area? How about the ignition in you that is rousing you to offer that little gift to the destitute in society? In this 21st century, the internet has virtually become one of the most important components in life. Almost everything is being incorporated to the internet and for sure, great fruits are being realized. It is for this reason, I proudly introduce to you GiftandBefriend.

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What About Gift and Befriend?
Gift and befriend is a virtual cybernetic philanthropic site for the disadvantaged and benefactors around the world. The two groups i.e. the need who are hereby referred to as Receivers and the donors hereby referred to as Givers.

Givers are those who can purchase gifts for the receivers from their Wish List and the Gift sent directly to the Receiver. On the flip side, Receivers are the needy individuals amongst ourselves with various wants that they can’t afford. When signing up, the Receives write their stories and upload pictures of them in the site for Givers to read and see before they can offer their precious Gifts.
How Do I Sign up for Gift and Befriend?
Opening an account with is free. All you need is log onto the site and sign up in the relevant category either as a Giver or Receiver as shown in the image below

GiftandBefriend Screen Displaying The Sign up Window
GiftandBefriend Screen Displaying The Sign up Window

Anyone can register a profile as a Receiver, but Verification of their status is required before G&B will put the ‘Verified’ badge on their profile. The site is looking for new Receivers, and if you live with or know any needy member in your community, you will do us great service by referring them here and maybe helping them sign up. Help change Society by spreading the word.
What is in store for the Givers and Receivers?
You can select and send a Gift from a person in need’s Amazon Wish List directly to them, regardless of where in the world they live.
You can read about a person in need in their Blog on this site and speak to them over Skype before you send them a gift.
You can stay in contact and build a friendship with the people to whom you send a gift, if you wish.
100% of your money goes on the price of the gift. There are no admin costs, and Amazon is the only website on which you spend money. Amazon delivers the gifts directly to the recipient’s specified address, whether that is their house or a local charity office.
You can be sure that the gift you send a person in need is something that they have chosen themselves, not something someone else has chosen for them.
You can select from a wide range of people in need, from a wide range of countries.
You can send a gift voucher instead of a physical gift if you prefer, which means the recipient will receive your gift instantly.

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