What I Meant (Bye Bye My Lover)

I meant no harm, even my conscience couldn’t allow,
I saw a weak and a susceptible heart,
I wanted to safeguard it… yes- from Vultures,
But you lied to me.

What went wrong, I keep wondering.
Was the fault mine?
Was the fault yours?
But you lied to me.

That evening we met at a friend’s place.
We had a chit chat,
We shared laughter and exchanged numbers,
But you lied to me.
We spent together,
Our friends salivated,
In a blink of an eye, We were no more,
But you lied to me.

Whatever went wrong… am not sure,
Is it our friends who corrupted us?
Is it money that broke our trust?
Am still worried!
But you lied to me.

Now… When I see you,
I see a demon in you,
Just because you broke my heart,
In you I see a traitor,a spy and worst of all a whore,
But you lied to me.

My heart wants you still,
But am fighting hard to avoid you,
My mind has accepted you are no more,
But my heart is conflicting,
But you lied to me.


Inspired by a true love story